Project: QuikTrip Stores
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Client: QuikTrip Corporation
Size: 5,100 SF, 2.5 Acres
Status: Complete

MTV General Contractors, Inc. has completed many projects with QuikTrip throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our projects with QuikTrip have included typical fuel centers, a truck stop (QT's first truck stop in the state) and a maintenance facility. The fueling stations typically consisted of a 5,000-square-foot convenience store, a fuel canopy with 10-18 fuel pumps, and extensive offsite and street development, all constructed on approximately 3 acres. These QuikTrip facilities have set the new standard for fueling stations in Arizona.

QuikTrip required that these projects be completed and operating within a 126 day schedule. MTV's aggressive scheduling and attention to detail delivered all of these projects on time.