Central Christian Church I Tempe Campus

MTV General Contractors and Central Christian Church Arizona once again teamed up, this time to develop and launch Central Christian Church’s Tempe Campus. Nestled within Pollack Royal Palm Plaza, this campus utilized an existing church space within a strip mall to create a welcoming and modernized worship space offering the residents of Tempe a simpler church campus with the quality and high level ministry that Central Christian Church has established throughout all of their campuses.


The construction within the Tempe campus included the removal and opening of walls to open up the facility and allow for a new and effective layout. Upgraded power was brought into the building allowing for Central to bring modernized AVL (Audio/Video/Lighting) into the worship center space as well as student and children’s ministry areas. Walking onto the campus, congregants are met with an open and spacious lobby complete with a café. From there, a youth space, children’s space and adult worship space allow for Central to minister all ages.


This project was completed on time and is a positive addition to the plaza.


Client: Central Christian Church of Arizona

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Type: Renovation

Status: Completed


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Have a project you would like to discuss?