Sun Valley Community Church I Tempe Campus

In 2011, Sun Valley Community Church merged with Bethany Christian Church to become the Sun Valley Community Church – Tempe Campus. MTV General Contractors work at the Tempe Campus involved multiple phases. The original phase consisted of the repair and replacement of the large pitch rolled sheet metal roof on the worship center.


The renovation of the Tempe campus needed to be handled with sensitivity in mind since the historically traditional church was now transforming into a modern state-of-the-art church campus. To honor the congregants who preferred a traditional style of worship the church underwent the transformation of their meeting hall into an intimate, traditional worship space which included transfer and installation of the 25’ wide stained glass window from the worship center to the new chapel as well as upgraded audio, video and lighting, flooring and painting throughout, renovated lobby including upgraded restrooms and stained concrete throughout.


In addition to creating a traditional space, the church underwent a massive renovation to it’s outdated and aging worship center. Transforming the space from an oak, stained glass and organ centered traditional space to a modern venue involved the gutting of the interior worship center, bringing upgraded power into the facility, extension and build out of the stage/platform area, and transformation of the lobby. Replacing the dated worn carper are a new carpet tile/epoxy flooring combination and the pews which served the congregation for decades were replaced with comfortable theater seating and the interior of the worship center received new life with updated finishes and a state of the art AVL (Audio/Visual/Lighting) system.

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Client: Sun Valley Community Church

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Congregation: 6,500

Type: Renovation

Status: Completed


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