Over the past two decades, MTV has successfully completed multiple phases of expansion to the Chandler Christian Church campus.

Chandler Christian Church now operating at Compass Christian Church

Included in these projects was the initial campus development and infrastructure, inclusive of a worship/multi-purpose room, classrooms, a chapel, a kitchen and administrative offices. The second phase included the addition of two new buildings. These buildings included classrooms, youth and children’s worship locations, expansion to existing parking, covered pavilions, a courtyard and mall area, a major water feature and an amphitheater. Additional phases included the renovation of existing classrooms, expansion of the lobby, addition of a café and renovation of the existing worship facility–including the addition of stadium seating, an upgrade to the electrical system, audio/visual and lighting upgrades and a renovation to the existing kitchen.

With each phase came the challenge of keeping Chandler Christian Church’s programming and weekend ministries uninterrupted. MTV has met these challenges and completed all phases on time or ahead of schedule, and within or under budget.


Project: Chandler Christian Church

Location: Chandler, Arizona

Client: Chandler Christian Church

Congregation: 2,500

Size: 69,400 sf, 20 Acres

Status: Complete


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