Compass Christian Church: Worship Center and Café

Located in Chandler, Arizona the Compass Christian Church Worship Center and Café project is the latest construction collaboration between MTV General Contractors and Compass Christian Church (formerly operating as Chandler Christian Church).

This project brings the campus a new, state-of-the-art 2,065 seat worship center and dedicated standalone café. A large and open lobby welcomes you into the worship center and offers dedicated rooms for ministry use such as medical, security, nursing, worship control, storage, restrooms and more. Two vestibules will take you from the lobby into the worship center that offers both theatre and stadium seating with the platform partially in the round as the focal point of the room. State-of-the-art AVL will provide the room with a live environment that will suit needs ranging from weekend worship to concerts, conferences and more. Behind the walls there are prayer rooms, green room, storage and office spaces, a nursery and more geared towards enhancing the ministry of Compass Christian Church.

The new café with its large space for sitting and building community inside as well as an outside patio space sits on a completely new outdoor courtyard with a river water feature and baptistry, sitting areas, fire pits and play area for kids. In addition, this project included the complete removal and replacement of all the parking lots, new underground storm drainage system and new landscaping of the entire site.

The Compass Christian Church: Worship Center and Café project is projected to open in April 2021.


Client: Compass Christian Church

Location: Chandler, Arizona

Congregation: 3,000

Size: 45,160 sf

Status: Completed

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