Santé of North Scottsdale

The Santé of North Scottsdale project was the final of four project with Santé partners completed within a 2 year time frame. The Scottsdale project also consisted of new infrastructure and the construction of a 52,740 SF transitional rehabilitation center. Nestled in the foothills of DC Ranch, this upscale transitional rehabilitation center included a large dining patio overlooking the desert landscape, a spa and salon, a water feature, café, areas for congregating and activities as well as a state of the art rehabilitation facility.

MTV General Contractors, Inc. completed the project without interruption to the residents of DC Ranch as well as the businesses that surround the property. The city of Scottsdale required that all saguaro cacti that were on the existing property must be transplanted and that the landscaping be returned to its previous appearance. Through communication with our subcontractors, we were able to turn over a new state of the art rehabilitation facility that blended with the native landscape that has existed for generations.

Client: Santé Partners

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Size: 52,740 sf

Units: 72

Status: Complete


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Have a project you would like to discuss?