Spring of Life: Now operating as Christ's Church of the Valley: East Valley Campus

Spring of Life Christian Church (now operating at Christ’s Church of the Valley) was a multi-phased project. Phase I included the initial site development and one new building, as well as a large, covered outdoor pavilion area. The building consisted of a 500-seat multi-purpose/worship room, classrooms, a technical support area and church offices. Phase II was the addition of modular classrooms and the expansion of a secured children’s play area. Phase III included a new state-of-the-art, 1,250-seat worship facility connected to the existing building via the outdoor pavilion from Phase I. The facility also included a large lobby with an indoor water feature, technical support and mezzanine production areas and various multi-use ministry locations. The third phase also included the expansion of the existing parking lot, a courtyard and gathering area and an exterior baptistery.

MTV General Contractors, Inc. and Spring of Life Christian Church, working together, were able to complete these multiple phases with little-to-no interruption to the daily activities and ministries of the congregation.


Client: Spring of Life Christian Church (at time of construction)

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Congregation: 1,800

Size: 55,742 SF, 18.37 Acres

Status: Completed


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Have a project you would like to discuss?